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Books about "20th century."

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Mimar houses

Concept Media

Africa writes back: the African writers series and the launch of African literature

James Currey

The new Americans : a guide to immigration since 1965

Harvard University Press

Reporting civil rights

Library of America

Generation Intellectuelle


A good night out : popular theatre : audience, class, and form

Nick Hern Books

Modernism and time : the logic of abundance in literature, science, and culture, 1880-1930

Cambridge University Press

Building the ultimate dam : John S. Eastwood and the control of water in the West

University Press of Kansas

Recollecting a culture : photography and the evolution of a socialist aesthetic in East Germany

Photographic Resource Center at Boston University

The logics of preference : a study of prohairetic logics in twentieth century

Sold and distributed in the U.S.A. and Canada by Kluwer Academic Publishers

The English novel in history, 1895-1920


Constructions of the jew in english literature and society

Cambridge University Press

Cultural criticism, literary theory, poststructuralism

Columbia University Press

Literary theory : an introduction


Peace Enemies: The past and present conflict between israel and palestine

PASSIA, Palestinian academic society for the study of international affairs

The sociology of the Third World : disparity and involvement

Cambridge University Press

Seven expressionist plays: Kokoschka to Barlach

John Calder

The sources of modern architecture and design

Thames and Hudson

The Commons in the seventies

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