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Books about "21st century"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Twenty-One scientists on the twenty-first century


Planet India : how the fastest-growing democracy is transforming the world


The age of the warrior : selected writings

Fourth Estate

Pakistan : beyond the 'crisis state'

Hurst & Co.

From where we stand : war, women's activism, and feminist analysis

Zed Books

Defending our dreams : global feminist voices for a new generation

Zed Books

Reclaiming the F word : feminism today

Zed Books

The big short : inside the doomsday machine

W.W. Norton

Mennonite in a little black dress : a memoir of going home

Henry Holt and Co

Varieties of Muslim experience : encounters with Arab political and cultural life

University of Chicago Press

Iran's intellectual revolution

Cambridge University Press

Are Muslims distinctive? : a look at the evidence

Oxford University Press

Arabs and Muslims in the media : race and representation after 9/11

New york university press

Science in the twentieth century and beyond


The rise and fall of Arab Jerusalem : Palestinian politics and the city since 1967


The strong horse : power, politics and the clash of Arab civilizations


Engagement through disengagement : Gaza and the potential for Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking

Washington Institute for Near East Policy

The empathic civilization : the race to global consciousness in a world in crisis

J.P. Tarcher/Penguin

Race of a lifetime : how Obama won the White House


Child soldiers : from violence to protection

Harvard University Press

Hand book of independent journalism

Bureau of international information programs

Gaza - Palestine : Out of the margins

Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies - Birzeit University

Stability and change in the modern Middle East

I.B. Tauris

Gaza in crisis : reflections on Israel’s war against the Palestinians

penguin books

The changing balance of power in Asia

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research
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