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Books about "Accounting"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Financial Accounting

McGraw-Hill Book Co.

Financial Accounting: Principles and Issues


Introduction to financial accounting

West publishing company

Student Resource Manual to accompany Huefner-derstine: A Survey of Accounting


Accounting And Information Systems

John Wiley & Sons

Farbs: Numbers Game


Elementary Accounting

The Dryden Press

Accounting Principles


Accounting : Theory and Practice

Pitman publishing

The Effects of Hyper-Inflation on Accounting Ratios

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Financial Accounting

DP Publications

APB Accounting principles


Study Guide For Use With Accounting Basic For Business Decisions

Mc Graw-Hill book company

Fundamentals of financial accounting


Intermediate acounting

McGraw - Hill Irwin

Financial management for the hospitality, tourism and leisure industries


Principles of accounting

Houghton Mifflin Co.

Accounting theory

Dryden Press

Principles of accounting

houghton Mifflin

Essentials of accounting


Responsibility center budgeting : an approach to decentralized management for institutions of higher education

Indiana University Press

Accounting for payroll : a comprehensive guide

John Wiley & Sons

Accounting control best practices

John Wiley and Sons

Financial accounting

The Dryden Press

Accounting, the basis for business decisions.

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