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Books about "American fiction"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

The Scarlet letter:Notes

Coles Publishing Company Limited

The portable howthorne

penguin books

Herman melville: Moby Dick

Edward Arnold

Little house in the big woods

Heinemann Educational

To kil emockingbird: notes

Coles Bublishing Company Ltd.

The adventures of Tom Sawyer


D.H. Lawrence : A personal record

Cambridge University Press

Culture and conduct inthe novels of Henry James

Cambridge University Press


W.W. Norton

Adventured of Huckleberry finn : An Authoritative text backgrounds and sources criticism

W.W. Norton

The protarail of a lady

W.W. Norton

Moby-Dick or the Whale

Bobbs-Merrill educational publishing

The Bostonians

The Bobbs-Merrill Co, 1976

The adventures of Tom Sawyer


The grapes of warth notes

Coles Publishing Company

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


The novels of Henry James.

Hafner Pub. Co.

Moby-Dick or The Whale

The Bobbs-Merrill company

For Whom the bell tolls

penguin books

Howthorne: A collection of critical essays


Invisible man


The grapes of wrath

penguin books

The moon is down

Pan Books

Rosemary's baby

Pan Books


Bantam Books
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