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Books about "Animals"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Plant and animal physiology

Brooks / Cole Cengage Learning

Where's Spot?

Puffin Books

The Jungle Book, Vol. 1

Universal Pictures UK


Atheneum : Collier Macmillan Canada : Maxwell Macmillan International Pub. Group

Animals nobody loves

S. Greene Press

The living wild

Wildlands Press

Introduction to animal science

Pearson Education

Essentials of animal physiology

New Age International (P) Limited, Pub.

Animal physiology: from genes to organisms


The fight for survival : animals in their natural habitats

Wildlife Collection


Edwad Arnola

Mcchanisms of osmoregulation in animals

John Wiley and Sons

How nature works

Barnes & Noble Books

Animals Physiology : adaptation and Environment

Cambridge University Press

The yearbook of agriculture 1956 : animal diseases

The United States Department of Agriculture

The meaning of evolution : a study of the history of life and of its significance for man

Yale University Press

The Land And Wildlife of North America

Time Incorpoated

Among Animal of Africa

Stein and Day

Animal Happiness

Harper Collins Publishers

The Meaning of evolution

Yale University

The world of wildlife


Journal of Animal Science

American Society of Animal Science

Animal Feed Science and Technology

Elsevier Scientific Publishing Co.,

Canadian Journal of Animal Science

Agricultural Institute of Canada
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