Book TitlePublisherAuthorsSubjects
The Palestine QuestionCroom Helm
Israel's Fateful HourCongress Cataloging
The Arab - Israeli conflict in the media : Producing shared memory and national identity in the Global Television EraTuris Academic Studies
The New Middle EastHenry Holt
My Friend The EnemyZed Books
Blaming the victims: spurious scholarship and the palestinian questionVerso
Reflection Of A PalestinanAmerican-Arab Affairs Council
Warriors,Against IsreaelAmana books
War And Peace In The Middle EastLEO Cooper
Abraham And Ibraim Volume IIUniversity Microfilm International
The Righteous Executioners-Pt.2University Microfilms International
The Righteous Executioners Pt.2University Microfilms International
Abraham and Ibrahim: A Formal Conflict Model Applied To Palestine, 1920-1931 Volume IUniversity Microfilms International
Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflictSt.martin's Press
Palestine : Question and AnswersGeneral Union of Palestine students
Daughters of Palestine: Leading Women ofthe Palestinian National MovementState University
ChurchillWilliam Heinemann
Israel And The PalestiniansAnglo-Israel Association
The Struggle for Peace in the Middle EastQuarte Books