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Books about "Arab relation"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

My talks with Arab leaders

Keter Books

The Economic War Against The Jews

Random House

Through Different Eyes Two Leadings Americans ajew and an Arab-Debate U.S Policy in The Middle East

Adler & Adler

The Palestinians in perspective : implications for Mideast peace and U.S. policy

Institute of Human Relations Press, American Jewish Committee

Whose Land is Palestine?

McClelland and Stewart Limited

Journey to Jerusalem

Macmillian Publishing

Reflection Of A Palestinan

American-Arab Affairs Council

The Israel-Arab Reader

Bantam Books

Arafat: terrorist or peacemaker?

Sidgwick & Jackson

The Palestinians

Quartet Books

Trascript of a Debate

Held in hillel house

Israel the arabs

ANational general

Israel And The Palestinians

Anglo-Israel Association

The Resentful Arab


The evasive peace : a study of the Zionist-Arab problem


Zionist colonialism in Palestine

REsearch center*palestine liberation

The Art of the possible diplomatic alternatives in the middleeast

Princetion university press

Middle East Conflict

International Association of democatic

Bitter Harvest : Palestine Between 1914-1967

The New World Press
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