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Books about "Arab relations"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Battleground: Fact and Fantasy in Palestine


My talks with Arab leaders

Keter Books

Iraq Today

Ministry Of Interior Baghdad

To make war or make peace; preceedings the international symposium on inevitable war or initiatives

New Outlook

Palestine A Modern History

Croom Helm Ltd

Israel's Fateful Hour

Congress Cataloging

Israel and the Arab States

Franklin Watts

Enemy in the Promised Land

Schocken Books

Between Enemies: An Arab-Israeli Dialogue

Andre Deutsch

Israel's Palestinians : the conflict within

Cambridge University Press



Fast times in Palestine

Mason Hill Press

The question of Palestine


A senseless, squalid war' : voices from Palestine, 1890s to 1948


The broken sword of justice; America, Israel and the Palestine tragedy

Quartet Books Ltd.

Palestinians and Israel

Keter Pub. House

Palestine is my country: the story of Musa Alami


Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict

Bedfor/St.Martin's Press

Competing trade agendas in the Arab-Israeli peace process

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

the birth of the palestinian refugee problem, 1947-1949

Cambridge University Press

Semites and anti-Semites : an inquiry into conflict and prejudice


The New Middle East

Henry Holt

Peace process : American diplomacy and the Arab-Israeli conflict since 1967

University of California Press

The secret life of Saeed

Interlink Books

The Resentful Arab

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