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Books about "Arabs"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

A short history of Arab peoples

Quarted Books

The Arabs in history


The Arabs

The University of Chicago Press

Treatment of Palestinians in Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza

National Lawers Guide

Latin Americans with Palestinian roots

Diyar publisher

The Arabs

penguin books

Israel's presence in East Jerusalem

S. N.

What the arabs think of america

The American University

The Arabs in history

Harper Torch Boobs : Hutchinson

The Arab mind


Revolt In The Desert

Garden City

The Arabs Their Histoory and Future

University Microfilms International

The Arabs: the life story of a people who have lift their deep impress on the world

Doubleday, Doran and co.

The Arab Mind


The Arab Awakening : the Story of the Arab National Movement

Hamish Hamilton

Kings and Camels : An American in Saudi Arabia

The Devin-Adair Company

History Of The Arabs

Macmillan & Co Ltd
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