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Books about "Architecture"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Architectural drafting and construction

Allyn and Bacon Inc.

Design for High Intensity Development

The Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture


Dover Publications, Inc.

Architectural Drafting and Design

Allyn & Bacon


Cambridge Univeristy Press

Saving Old Buildings

The Architectural Press


Weidenfeld and Nicolson

Human Dimonsion & Interior Space: A Source Book of Design Reference Standards

Whitney Library of Design

Continuity and changes : Design strategies for largescale urban development

harvard University

Theories and principles of design in the architecture of Islamic societies : a symposium held by the

Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture

VaxII 780 Architecture Handbook(S.L.)

Digital equipment corporation

Google Palestine

An-Najah National University

AIA guide to New York City

Oxford University Press

Architectural technology


Google Palestine

An-Najah National University

Ancient art, architecture and environment

Cyber Tech Publications

Building planning designing and scheduling

Standard Pub.

21st century villa

Design Media Publishing Limited

Mimar houses

Concept Media

Nablus city of civilizations

CHEC, Cultural heritag enrichment center

An outline of European architecture

penguin books

Almanac of Architecture and design

Greenway Communications

Estudio arqueologico del urbanismo y arquitectura antiguos de la ciudad de Neapolis (Nab

Universidad de Salamanca-Facultad Geografia e Historia-Departamento d

American Architecture: An Illustrated Encyclopedia

Norton & Company, Incorporated

All American : innovation in American architecture

Thames& hudson
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