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Books about "Armed Forces"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Army officers in Arab politics and society

Israel Universities Press

Generals Of Israel

Hadar Publishing Co.

WARRIOR: The Autobiography of Ariel Sharon


War and the Environment: Military Destruction in the Modern Age

Texas A & M University Press

Mothers and soldiers : gender, citizenship, and civil society


World military expenditures and arms transfers 1971-1980

U.S. Arms control and disarmament agency

Soldiers without enemies; preparing the United Nations for peacekeeping

Brookings Institution

Blunting the sword : Budget policy and the future of defense

National Defense University

Peace support operations and the U.S. military

National Defense University Press

Studies in defense policy: the 1990 defense budget

The Brookings Institution

The role of the armed forces in the Americas: civil-military relations for the 21s

Strategic studies institute (SSI)

Nuclear Forces In Europe

The Brookings Institution

Military Government and the Movement Toward Democracy in south american

Indiana Universitry Press

Managing Arms in Peace Processes:Cambodia

United Nations

New Opportunities for Military Women:Effects Upon Readiness,Cohesion,and Morale

National Defense Research institute

New Technologies Defense Policy,and Arms Control

Harper &Row

What kinds of guns are they buying for your butter?

William Morrow and COMPANY

L'Armee Rouge Face a la Perestroika

Editions Complexe

Mein Gewissen sagt nein


Operation Peace for Galilee

Hill and Wang

Diary of the sinai campaing

Schocken Books

Haganah: British title: Strictly illegal

The New American Library

The Blue Helments areview of united nations peace-keeping

United Nations

The united nations and the maintenance of international peace and security

Martinus nijhoff publishers
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