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Books about "BASIC ( Computer program language)"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Programming with Visual Basic.NET for business

Prentice Hall

BASIC : an introduction to computer programming

Brooks/Cole Pub. Co.

Visual Basic for A-level computing

Hodder Education

Programming in Visual Basic 2010 : the very beginner's guide

Cambridge University Press

Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2005

Course Technology

Visual basic 2005 for programmers

Prentice Hall

Programming PIC microcontrollers using PICBASIC


Programming the PIC microcontroller with MBASIC


Visual Basic design patterns

Wiley Pub.

Introduction to programming with Visual Basic .NET

Jones and Bartlett Publishers

Data structures and algorithms using Visual Basic.NET

Cambridge University Press

Simply Visual Basic .NET

Prentice Hall

Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET

Course Technology

Introducing Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 for developers

Microsoft Press

The Microsoft Visual Basic for MS-DOS workshop

Microsoft Press
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