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Books about "BASIC (Computer Program Language)"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Basic numarical mathematics


Basic surveying


Professional VB 2005 with .NET 3.0

Wiley Pub.

Visual basic 2005 : Instant results

John Wiley and Sons

Microsoft visual basic .net

Microsoft Press

Programming microsoft visual basic .net

Microsoft Press

Using excel visual basic for applications


Computer programming 1,2,3 for children and adults

Grosset & Dunlap

Microsoft BASIC programming the IBM PC


Technical basic

Prentice-Hall, Inc.

Standard basic programming with quickbasic

Prentice Hall

Structured BASIC for the IBM PC with business applications

PWS Computer science Publishers

Using Microsoft and IBM Basic: an intoduction to computer programming

PWS computer science

Basic from the ground up

Hayden Book Co.

Microsoft QuickBasic:developing structured programs with microsoft's advanced Basic

Microsoft Press

introduction to BASiC programming: a structured approach

Houghto Mifflin Company

Advanced Basic Programming

Near East University


Mayfield Publishing Company

Basic programming for electronics

Newnes Technical Books

Armchair Basic: An absolute beginner's guide to programming in Basic

McGraw-Hill Book Co.

The Basic book: A cource-Referenced guideto the basic language

McGraw-Hill Book Co.

Principles of basic programming

Progressive Corporation


Edward Arnold

Computer Porgramming BASIC

Holden day

Foundation of programming through basic

John wiley &sons
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