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Books about "Biography"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Heinrich Heine : A modern biography

At the University Press

The portable voltaire, edited and with an introduction,

penguin books

The Memories of Richard Nixon


In search of identity


Comparative Studies in Philosophy

Allen and Unwin

Generals Of Israel

Hadar Publishing Co.

Elizabeth I.


Milton and the English revolution

Faber and Faber

Murcel proust:a biography

Randon House

Lenin, a biography

New American Library

Who's Who In Art

The Art Trade Press

ABU NIDAL: A Gun for Hire


To Jersalem and Back: A Personal Account

The Viking Press

WARRIOR: The Autobiography of Ariel Sharon


Nature and Myth

Thomas Y. Crowell Co.

Frank Lioyd Wright His Life And His Architecture


Twenty-One scientists on the twenty-first century


D.H. Lawrence : A personal record

Cambridge University Press

Marcel Proust:a biography

Vintage Books

Language and logos in Boswell's Life of Johnson

Princeton University Press

THE Decision Makers

Truman Talley Books

Dorothea Lange :a photographer's Life

Farrar Straus Girour

Cutting the Lions Tail Suez Through Egyptian Eyes

Arbor House

Descent Into The Water

The Medina Press

Hugo Black and the Judicial Revolution

A Touchstone book
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