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Books about "C (Computer program language)"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

The C programming language

Prentice Hall

C How to Program : International


A textbook of information technology with C programming

S.K. Kataria & sons

Problem solving and program design in C

Pearson Addison Wesley

C: how to program

Pearson Prentice Hall

Introduction to computing systems : from bits and Gates to C and beyond

McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Data structures usingc and c++

Prentice-Hall of India

Modern compiler implementation in C

Cambridge University Press

CGI : Internet programming with C++ and C

Prentice Hall

C : A reference manual

Prentice Hall

PC Architecture from assembly language to c

Prentic Hall

Computational geometry in C

Cambridge University Press

Beginning with C: an introduction to professional programming

PWS Publishing Company, a Division of Wadsworth, Inc.

C Memory Management Techniques

Windcrest Books

The C programming handbook

IEEE student branch

C Programming For Engineering & Computer Science


Turbo C:user's guide


Advanced MsDos

Microsoft Press

An Introduction to Ansi C on Unix

Wadsworth publishing

Data structures using C and C++

Problem Solving and Computation for scientists and engeneers :an Introduction


Turbo C /C ++


C How to program

Prentice Hall

Introduction to scientific programming

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