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Books about "Capital market"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Privatization & Emerging Equity Markets

The World Bank

On the Road to EU Accession

The World Bank

Trading with crowd psychology

John Wiley and Sons

Challenges of global capital markets to information-shy regimes : the case of Tunisia

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Financial markets and institutions

Pearson Prentice Hall

Emerging capital markets and globalization : the Latin American experience

Stanford University Press

The economics of financial markets

Cambridge University Press

The (mis)behaviour of markets : a fractal view of risk, ruin and reward


Financial institutions and markets

Oxford University Press

Subnational capital markets in developing countries : from theory to practice

World Bank

Money and Capital Markets .

Mc Graw-Hill Irwin .

Financial Markets and Institutions

Thomson South-western

After Reagan:Confronting the Changed world Economy

Council on Foreign Relations

Global Business Today


The Economics of finaicial markets

Oxford University Press

Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Money and Capital Markets

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