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Books about "Case studies"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Fundamentals of marketing


Desolation of a city: Coventry and the urban crisis of the late middle age

University Press of cambridge

Casebook in commercial banking


Problems in marketing


Strategic Management & Business Policy

Addison_Wesley Publishing CO.

The Case by Case Approach to Privitization : techniques and examples

The World Bank

Cases in Candian Marketing

John Wiley & Sons Canada Limited

Cultivating Humanity

harvard University

Strategic Communications Management

Addison -Wesly Publishing

Acrtion in organizations

Allyn and Bacon

management: analysis, comcepts and cases


Understanding sexual attacks

The Book Society of Canada

Dualism and investment patterns; an analysis of regional contrasts.

Tata McGraw-Hill Pub. Co.

Case Studies in Finance


Excellence in Business communication


Strategic management


The development factory : unlocking the potential of process innovation

Harvard Business School Press

Business ethics

McGraw Hill

Best practices in management accounting

Palgrave Macmillan

Global marketing management : cases and readings

Addison-Wesley Pub. Co

Perfect murder, perfect town

HarperCollins Publishers

100 cases in paediatrics

Hodder Arnold

Acupuncture in manual therapy

Churchill Livingstone

ECGs by example

Elsevier/Churchill Livingstone

100 cases in acute medicine

Hodder Arnold
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