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Books about "Chemistry, Organic."

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Metal complexes in organic chemistry

The University Press

P.S.I. Study guide for organic chemistry

John Wiley & Sons

The basis of Organic Chemistry

Allyn & Bacon

Organic chemistry.

Edward Arnold,

Laboratory Experiments in organic chemistry.

Macillan Publishing Co.

Exercises in organic & biological chemistry

Collier Macmillan Publisher

Organic chemistry

Longman Group

Organic chemistry

Longman Group Ltd,

Wilson and Gisvold's Textbook of organic medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry.


Organic chemistry

W.H. Freeman

Advances In Carbocation Chemistry

JaI Press Inc

Comprehensive organic chemistry

Pergamon Press

Introduction to organic chemistry

Macmilla Publishing Co.,

Essentials Of Organic Chemistry

Holt,Rnihart and Winston ,inc
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