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Books about "Chemistry, organic"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry

Macmillan-Publishing co

Introduction To Organic & Biochemistry

Saunders College Publishing


John Wiley & Sons

Some modern methods of organic synthesis

The Univ. press

Laboratory text for organic chemistry=a soure book of chemical & physical techniques


Student's Guide to Accompany Essentials of General,Organic and Biochemistry

W.B.Sanders Company Ltd,

Practical Organic chemistry

Longman Group

Vogel practical organic chmistry: including qualitative organic analysis

Longman Group

Organic Chemistry

John Wiely & Sons

A textbook of organic chemistry

New Age International Pvt Ltd Publishers

Textbook of organic chemistry

Viva Books

Advanced organic chemistry

Pacific Book International

Fundamentals of general, organic, and biological chemistry


Introduction to general, organic, and biochemistry in the laboratory

Wiley ; John Wiley [distributor]

Organic Chemistry (problem solving)

جهينة للنشر والتوزيع

Comprehensive chemical kinetics (Vol. 2) The theory of kinetics

Elsevier Pub. Co.

Columbia Review high-yield organic chemistry

Williams & wilkins

Organic chemistry : a short course. Laboratory manual

houghton Mifflin

Keynotes in organic chemistry

Blackwell science

Chemistry Letters

Chemical Society of Japan

Advancec in organometallic chemistry vol 40

Academic Press

Advancec in organometallic chemistry vol 39

Academic Press

Advancec in organometallic chemistry vol 38

Academic Press

Advancec in organometallic chemistry vol 37

Academic Press

Writing organic reaction mechanisms : A practical guide

Taylor & Francis
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