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Books about "China"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

The shorter science and civilisation in china

Cambridge Uninversity Press

Mao Tse Tung: Critical biography

Franklin Watts

Three novelettes From The Chinese Translated And Adapted By Lin Yutang

The John Day Company

A history of China

Routhledge & Kegan Paul Ltd.

Library Of Nations

Reinforced library Binding


Cambridge Univeristy Press

The Forbidden City


China, the developing world, and the new global dynamic

Viva Books

The Chinese century : the rising Chinese economy and its impact on the global economy, the balance of power, and your job

Wharton School Pub.

China's economic transformation

Blackwell Publishers


Moyer Bell Ltd.

A house divided

Moyer Bell

Understanding China's economic indicators : translating the data into investment opportunities

FT Press

The vagrants

Fourth Estate


Vintage Books

Sun Tzu's art of war : the modern chinese interpretation

Main Street, Sterling Pub.

Two dragon heads : contrasting development paths for Beijing and Shanghai

World Bank

China at the crossroads

H.W. Wilson Co.

China, India and the United States competition for energy resources

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

China's contemporary culture dream and pursut

Foreign Languages Press

Culture Across Boundaries

Ministry of culture of the people's republic of china

China's foreign affairs 2006

Department of Policy Planning

A Primer of Chinese Acrobatics

Forign Languages Press

China questions & answers

Foreign Languages Press

Strengthening China's and India's Trade and Investment Ties to the Middle East an

The World Bank
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