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Books about "Competition"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Gaining and sustaining competitive advantage

Addison-Wesley Pub. Co

European Community law of competition

Oxford University Press

Reviw of industrial strategies and policies: preparing for the twenty first century

United Nations

Competition laws and policies in the ESCWA region

United Nations

Review of industrial strategies and policies : preparing for the twenty-first century

United Nations

National competitiveness and economic growth : the changing determinants of

Edward Elgar Pub.

The Arab world competitiveness report 2002-2003.

Oxford University Press

Competing through services : strategy and implementation : cases and text

Prentice Hall

Competition In The U.S Energy Industry

Ballinger Publishing Company

Competitveness Of The U.S Minerals And Metals Industry

National Academy Press

The Learning Edge: How Smart Managers and Smart Companies stay Ahead


A Framework for the design and implementation of competition law and policy

The World Bank

Developing A Market Orientation

Sage Publication

Management Quality and Competitiveness


Introduction to Competition Law

Pitman publishing

Barenreiter Sonatinen-Album


Competition Policy in the European Union


Competitive Advantage: Craeting and Sustaining Superior Performance with a new Introduction

The Free Press

Competitive Strategy

The Free Press
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