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Books about "Computer Algorithms"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Data structures and algorithm analysis in C++

Benjamin/Cummings Pub. Co.

Data structures, algorithms, and software principles


Data structures and algorithm analysis

Benjamin/Cummings Pub. Co

Data structures and algorithm analysis in C++

Pearson Addison Wesley

Introduction to algorithms

MIT Press

Data structures and an introduction to algorithms : Lab manual

Dar Al - Essar

Design And Analysis Of Algorithms

I.K. International Publishing House

Algorithms for visual design using the processing language


Data structures and algorithms using Java

Jones and Bartlett Publishers

Analysis of algorithms : an active learning approach

Jones and Bartlett Publishers

Introduction to algorithms

MIT Press

Introduction to the design & analysis of algorithms

Pearson Addison-Wesley

Design and analysis of distributed algorithms

John Wiley & Sons

Algorithms and data structures : the science of computing

Charles river media

Applications of multi - objective evolutionary algorthms

World Scientific

Algorithms : sequential, parallel, and distributed

Thomson/Course Technology


Pearson Education

Algorithm Design: Foundations, analysis, and internet expamples

John Wiley & Sons

Computer algorithms : Introduction to design and analysis


Data Structures and Algorithms:With object-Oriented design Patterns in Java

John Wiley &sons ,Inc

An INtroduction to the Analysis of Algorithms


Online Computation and Cometitive Analysis

Cambridge University Press

Algorithms,data structures,andproblem solving with c++

Addison-wesley publishing company,inc
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