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Books about "Computer simulation"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

High performance control of AC drives with MATLAB/Simulink models


System modeling : Practical approach using MATLAB

Arab community library for publishing of distribution : Dar - Aleasar

Multiphysics modeling using COMSOL : a first principles approach

Firewal Media : Jones and Bartlett Publishers

Algorithms in computational molecular biology : techniques, approaches and applications


Simulation of greenhouses with phase change materials PCMs

Birzeit University

Simulink lab manual

Dar Al - Essar

Linguistic geometry from search to construction

Kluwer Academic Publishers

Modeling and simulation for analyzing global events


3-D human modeling and animation


Simulation with Arena


Scripting recipes for second life

Heaton research

Multidimensional Neural Networks Unified Theory

New Age

Introduction to Signal and system analysis

Cengage learning

Creation : life and how to make it

Harvard University Press

Simulation with Arena

McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Simulation with Arena

McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Simulation using promodel

Higher education

Discrete-event simulation : a first course

Pearson Prentice

Computer simulation in management science


Exploratory social network analysis with Pajek

Cambridge University Press,

Contemporary communication systems using MATLAB and Simulink


Introduction to communication systems simulation

Artech House

Guide to Ecstacity

Laurence King Publishing

Simulating wireless communication systems

Prentice Hall

Principles of communication systems simulation with wireless applications

Prentice Hall
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