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Books about "Conflict management"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Environmental Disputes

Island press

Rethinking classroom management : strategies for prevention, intervention, and problem solving

Corwin ; SAGE, distributor],

Managing world conflict: a resource unit for high schools

United states institute of peace

Studies in international conflict and crisis management

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Islamic approaches to conflict resolution and peace

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Guide of good practices management of an international relations office

Education and culture DG European Commission

Bridging cultures building understanding


Mediating interpersonal conflicts: A Pathway to peace

CPI Publishing

Cost of Conflict in the Middle East

Strategic Foresight Groub

Capitalizing on Conflict: strategies and practices for tuning conflict to synergy in org

Jaico publishing house

The handbook of conflict resolution education : A guide to building quatity programs in schools


managing Arms In Peace Processes:Nicaragua And El Salvador

United Nations

Managing Arms in Peace Processes:Cambodia

United Nations

International conflict and cooperation : an introduction to world politics


Zen of groups :handbook for people meeting with a purpose

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