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Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

To make war or make peace; preceedings the international symposium on inevitable war or initiatives

New Outlook

Communities of the past

Hutchinson Ross Publishing Co

High-Energy Physics and Nuclear Structure

Plenum Press

Computer aided design of control systems

Pergamon Press

Psychiatric diagnosis


International insurance contract law in the EC

Kluwer Law and Taxation Publishers

Theories and principles of design in the architecture of Islamic societies : a symposium held by the

Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture

Gulf oil and Gas ensuring Economic Security

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Palestine and the european union : Apartnership for peace and economic developn

The palestinian center for Regional studies

People and politics in the Middle East; proceedings of the annual conference.

Transaction Books

Stochastic hydraulics '96 : proceedings of the seventh IAHR International Symposium : Mackay, Queen

A.A. Balkema

Reservoirs in river basin development : proceedings of the ICOLD Symposium : Oslo, Norway, 6 July,

A.A. Balkema

Joint management of shared aquifers : the third workshop, 7-10 July, 1996

Harry S. Truman Research Institute : Palestine Consultancy Group

Joint management of shared aquifers : the fourth workshop, May 19-23, 1997

arry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace : Palestine Consultancy Group

Joint management of shared aquifers : the second workshop, November 27-December 1, 1994

Harry S. Truman Research Institute

Joint management of shared aquifers : the first workshop, June 27-29, 1994

Harry S. Truman Research Institute : Palestine Consultancy Group

Chemical modeling in aqueous systems : speciation, sorption, solubility, and kinetics

The Society

Culture in sustainable development : investing in cultural and natural endowments : proceedings of t

World Bank

Scale issues in hydrological modelling


New uncertainty concepts in hydrology and water resources

Cambridge University Press

Hydroinformatics '96 : proceedings of the second International Conference on Hydroinformatics

A.A. Valkema

Issues and directions in hydraulics

A.A. Balkema

Space and time scale variability and interdependencies in hydrological processes

Cambridge University Press

Innovations in fluid power : Seventh Bath International Fluid Power Workshop held at the University

Research Studies Press

Key advances in the effective management of rheumatoid arthritis

Royal Society of Medicine Press
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