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Books about "Criticism and interpretation"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Huxley and Orwell: brave new world and Ninteen Eighty-Four

Edward Arnold

Shakespeare The tempest

Edward Arnold

George Orwell

Columbia University Press

The Poet's Madness: A reading of Georg Trak1

Cornell University Press

The green avenue:the life and writings of Forrest Reid, 1875-1947

At the University Press

Jane Austen's novels:Social change literary form

Harvard University Press

Virginia Woolf:a study of her novels


Shakespeare's scepticism

The Harvester Press

Puritanism and theatre

Cambridge Uninversity Press

Representing Shakespeare : England, history and the RSC

Simon & Schuster

Women Writers and poetic Identy

Priceton University Press

Aspects of macbeth: articales reprinted from Shakespeare survey

At the University Press

The Shakespeare play as poem: a Critica tradition in perspective

The University Press

Arthur Koestler: A collection of Critical essays


Francis bacon and renaissance prose

Cambridge Univeristy Press

T.S. Eliot, an introduction

The University of Chicago Press

F. Scott Fitzgerald : A coleection of critical essays


T.S Eliot: Four Quartets

Macmillan Press

Robert, Browning: A collection Of Critical essays


Rudyard Kipling

Chelsea House

Billy Budd


Winslow Homer : poet of the sea

Terra Foundation for American Art

Edward Hopper : portraits of America



Le Figaro

Virginia Woolf’s Common reader

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