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Books about "Culture"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Readings in Arab Middle Eastern societies and cultures


Victorian culture and cociety

Harper and Row

Fundamentals of Voice & Diction

WCB, Browen Publisher

Nationalist Ideologies and the Production of National Cultres


An Introduction Guide To Cultural Theory And Popular Culture

Great Britain By Tj Press

The Cultural Dimentions of Global Change


Handbook of fruit production

Enkay Publishing House

Cultural studies: theory and practice


Bridging cultures building understanding


Temperate- Zone Pomology Physiology and Culture

Timber Press

The new humanities reader

houghton Mifflin

Setting the new agenda aunique development of innovation in cultural engagement

ALmaktoum institute academic press

Cultures and civilizations , Vol 2 : Cultural creativity

Book Center for Publishing

Cultures and civilizations , Vol 1 : Conflict or dialogue?

Book Center for Publishing

Cultural studies : theory and practice

Sage publications

Ponds and fish culture

Agrobios (India)

Patterns of Culture

A mentor book

Cultural Studies

Birzeit University

Fruit and vegetable production in warm climates


Culture & conflict resolution

United States Institue of Peace Press

The new kitchen garden

Dorling Kindersley

Culture and society : A sociology of culture


Cross-cultural approaches : Readings in comparative research

HRAF Press

Cultural anthropology

J.B.Lippincott company

Identities Readings From Contemporary Culture

Houghton Mifflin Company
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