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Books about "Developing countries"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Global Economic Prospects and the Developing Countries 1995

The World Bank

Emerging Stock Markets Factbook 1998

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Trends In Venture Capital Finance In Developing Countries

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

The Israeli Connection

Pantheon Books

Postabortion Care Lessons From Operstions Research

Population Council

The Analysis of Household Surveys

The World Bank

World Bank Group Assistance for Minerals Sector Development & Reform in Member Countries

World Bank

Post_Conflict Reconstruction

The World Bank

Global Economic Prospects and the Developing Countries

The World Bank

The Effects of Hyper-Inflation on Accounting Ratios

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Dealing With Public Risk in Private information

The World Bank

National Assessments Testing The System

Economic Development Institute of The World Bank

Restructuring economies in distress: policy reform and the World Bank

Oxford University Press

Feminist post-development thought : rethinking modernity, post-colonialism & representation

Zed Books

The daughters of development : women and the changing environment

Zed Books

Engendering human security : feminist perspectives

Zed Books

A World of widows

Zed Books

The Women, gender and development reader

Fernwood Pub. : Zed Books

China, the developing world, and the new global dynamic

Viva Books

Dreams and realities : developing countries and the English language

British Council

Mimar houses

Concept Media

Case studies in economic development


Economics for a developing world : an introduction to principles, problems and policies for development

FT Prentice Hall - Financial Times

Reinventing foreign aid

MIT Press

Case studies in global health : millions saved

Jones and Bartlett Publishers
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