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A sociolinguistic study of the variants of the sounds /k/ and /q/ in Palestinian local dialects

Faculty of Graduate Studies - Hebron University

the 101 most used verbs in spoken arabic


Arabic for Non -Natives


How to speak Arabic

Bashir Zahran

The study of social dialects in Americam english


Development of the canaanite dialects

University Microfilms International

Relativization and related matters in classical, modern standard, and Palestinian colloquial arabic

Brown University

Variation in Rural Northern Jordanian Arabic

Yarmouk University

Spoken Arabic of the arabian gulf

Librairi du liban

Arabic in Nutshell

Funk & Wagnalls

Spoken Arabic Faster than Speed

Naufal Publishers

The pronunciation of English in the Atlantic States; based upon the collections of the linguistic at

University of Michigan Press
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