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Books about "Disarmament"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Principles of conflict economics : a primer for social scientists

Cambridge University Press

Integrated Middle East regional approaches to unconventional arms control and disarmame

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Testing The Theory Of The Military-Industrial Complex

D.C Health and Company

Sino-Soviet relations, 1964-1965

The MIT Press

Strategy for peace: eleventh conference report

Airlie house

Communist China and arms control

East Asian research center

Peace: the control of national power; a guide for the concerned citizen on problems of disarmament a

Beacon press

The Demilitarized Society

Harvest House

New directions in disarmament


the united nations and disarmament

the united natins

Safe and sound: Disarmament and development in the eighties

Zed Press

Conference to plan:Astrategy for peace

Airlie house

Status of multilateral arms regulation and disarmament agreements

United Nations

The united nations and the maintenance of international peace and security

Martinus nijhoff publishers
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