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Books about "Economic conditions"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

The Middle East And The North Africa


Desolation of a city: Coventry and the urban crisis of the late middle age

University Press of cambridge

An Outline Of American Economics


Coming Full Circle: An Economic History on the Pacific Rim

Westview Press

Development under Adversity:The palestinian economy in transition

The World Bank

The Analysis of Household Surveys

The World Bank

Egypt in the Global Economy

The World Bank

Courting Turmoil and Deferring Prosperity Colombia Between 1960-1990

The World Bank

Developing in the Nonfarm Sector in Bangladesh

The World Bank



Applied economics

Financial Times / Prentice Hall

Pakistan : beyond the 'crisis state'

Hurst & Co.

Modern times, 1750-1990


Feminist post-development thought : rethinking modernity, post-colonialism & representation

Zed Books

The Women, gender and development reader

Fernwood Pub. : Zed Books

Trends in developing economies 1993

World Bank

The American economy : a historical encyclopedia


The big short : inside the doomsday machine

W.W. Norton

The Chinese century : the rising Chinese economy and its impact on the global economy, the balance of power, and your job

Wharton School Pub.

Lessons from the Great Depression for dummies

Wiley Pub., Inc.

Case studies in economic development


Economics for a developing world : an introduction to principles, problems and policies for development

FT Prentice Hall - Financial Times

Understanding the economy : an introduction to macroeconomics

Financial Times/Prentice Hall

The Economics of women, men, and work


Understanding China's economic indicators : translating the data into investment opportunities

FT Press
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