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Books about "Economic policy."

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

European integration : methods and economic analysis

Financial Times Prentice Hall

Palestine: country profile

Palestine Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction, PECDAR

The economics of Palestine : economic policy and institutional reform for a viable Palestinian state


Reforms and growth in MENA countries : new empirical evidence

World Bank

Developing the occupied territories : an investment in peace

World Bank

Limits of adjustment in Africa : the effects of economic liberalization, 1986-94

Centre for Development Research in association with James Currey

Poverty alleviation in Jordan : lessons for the future

World Bank, Middle East and North Africa Region

Economic Reform in Three Giants.

Transaction Book

palestine: Building the Foundations for Economic Growth

Palestine Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction, PECDAR

Structural change and economic policy in Israel.

Yale University Press

Five year plan for economic and social development, 1986-1990.

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Ministry of Planning

The Gaza Strip : the political economy of de-development .

Institute for Palestine Studies
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