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Books about "Economic policy"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Land and Water Policies in the Near East Region

United Nations Publication,

Geschichte der Weltwirtschaft im 20. Jahrhundert Band 5


Prospects for Sustained Development of The Palestinian Economy in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

United Nations Publication,

Development under Adversity:The palestinian economy in transition

The World Bank

Egypt in the Global Economy

The World Bank

The long march: a reform agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean in the next decade

The World Bank

Courting Turmoil and Deferring Prosperity Colombia Between 1960-1990

The World Bank

Securing Peace in the Middle East: Project on Economic Tranmsition

Cambridge University Press

Restructuring economies in distress: policy reform and the World Bank

Oxford University Press

The American economy : a historical encyclopedia


Keeping the promise and achieving aspirations : second national millennium development goalls report

Ministry of planning and International cooperation

Who shared the fruits of growth in the Palestinian economy, 2006-2010

MAS : Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute

The world economy : global trade policy 2011


Economic development : theory and practice for a divided world

Prentice Hall

Economic policy 68


Issues in finance : credit, crises and policies


China's economic transformation

Blackwell Publishers

The economics of public issues

Pearson Education

Jordan and the United States : the political economy of trade and economic reform in the Middle East .

Tauris academic studies

Activity Report 2011 : 5000 projects since 1993

PECDAR, Palestinian economic council for development and reconstruction

European business

Financial Times/Prentice Hall

The Palestinian economy and the Oslo process : decline and fragmentation

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

The GCC and the development of ASEAN

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Survey Of Economic And Social Developments In The Escwa Region 2003-2004

United Nations

Tunisia's Global Integration

The World Bank
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