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Books about "Education and state"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Lern-und Arbeitsbuch Entwicklungs-politik

Verlag J.H.W. Dietz

American education


Using the results of a national assessment of educational achievement

The World Bank

Impact of science education on the GCC labor market

The Emirates Center For Strategic Studies and Research

Palestine and education : The teaching palestine project

Al-Mawrid Teacher Development Center

Education System


Education and the Arab World Challenges of the next millennium

The Emirates Center for Strategic Sudies Studies and Research

West Bank and Gaza Education Sector Analysis

The World Bank Group

Comprehensive schools : past, present, and future


Education 14-19 : critical perspectives

Athlone Press

A lesson for us all : the making of the national curriculum


The Rise of a central authority for english education

At the University Press

National development and the world system: Educational, Economic andPolitical change,1950-1970

The University of Chicago Press

Lern-und arbeitsbuch


Lending For Learining:Designing A Student Loan Programme For Developing Countries

Commonwealth Secretariat

Education training & the new vocationalizm

Open University Press

The politics of education in conversation with Maurice Kogan

penguin books

Education and the quest for modernity in Turkey

Chicago University Press

U.S. & UK Educatioal Policy' A decade of Reform

Preager Pub

The Paradox of Training: Making Progress out of Crisis

Open University Press

Education Policy and Evaluation

Peramon Press
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