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Books about "Egypt"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

The Suez affair

penguin books

In search of identity


A hundred house to sues

The Viking Press

Nasser's New Egypt

Frederick A. Praeger

The game of natiom:The Amorality of power politics.

Weidenfeld and Nicolson

Egypt: The black land

Phaidon Press

Woman Of Egypt

Simon & Schuster

Cutting The Lion's Tail Suez

Andre Deutsch

Israel and the Arab States

Franklin Watts

Warriors At Suez

The Linden Press

Egypt in search of political community : an analysis of the intellectual and

Harvard University Press

Egyption Painting


Life & Fate of the Ancient Library of Alexandiria


Egypt in the Global Economy

The World Bank

Cutting the Lions Tail Suez Through Egyptian Eyes

Arbor House

The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Dover Publication

Descent Into The Water

The Medina Press

Egypt: Military society

Random House

Revolution 2.0

Fourth Estate

Orphan of the sun

Bloomsbury Children's

The essential Nawal El Saadawi : a reader

Zed Books

Elections and distributive politics in Mubarak's Egypt

Cambridge University Press

Investing in the Middle East : the political economy of European direct investment in Egypt

Tauris academic studies

The blood of Alexandria

Hodder and Stoughton

Sayyid Qutb : the emergence of the Islamicist, 1939-1950

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