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Books about "Elections"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Electronics And Electoral Systems

Rajive Beri for Macmilllan India Limited

Elections and distributive politics in Mubarak's Egypt

Cambridge University Press

Race of a lifetime : how Obama won the White House


Palestinian and Israeli public opinion : the public imperative in the second intifada

Indiana University Press

Iraq : upcoming elections and possible future scenarios

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Political legitimacy of the minorities : Israeli Arabs and the 1996 Knesset elections

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

America votes: Election returne by state 2005-2006

CQ Press

Multi-party elections in Africa


Electoral politics in the Indian states : party systems and cleavages

Manohar Book Service

Elections in South Vietnam

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

Introductory readers in American politics: party politics and national elections

Little, Brown and Company

Contest of symbols: the sociology of election campaigns through Israeli ephemera

Harvard university library

The New Democratic Frontier

National Democratic institute for international Affairs

Droit electoral

Presses Universitaires de France

British election and parties yearbook 1996

Frank Cass

Le Droit Des Elections Politiques

Presses Universitaires de France

How Britain Votes?

Pergamon Press

Challengers ,competition,and reelection:comparing senate and house election

Yale University Press

How Britain votes

Pergamon Press

British by_Elections : the Volatile Electorate

Oxford University Press

Britain at The Polls

Chatham House Publishers

Parties,interest groups,and campaign finance laws

American Eterprise Instiuete for public Policy Research
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