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Books about "Engineering"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Mathematical methods for the physical sciences: An information treatment for students of physics an

Cambridge Uninversity Press

English practice for engineers


KWIC Index of Rock Mechanics Literature

Society of mining engineers at the American Institute of Mining,metallurgical,a.

Mathematical Methods For Physicists

Academic Press

Modelling Transport

John Wiley & Sons

Construction Law

Sweet and Maxwell

The analysis of structures

John Wiley ,

Engineering fundamentals and problem solving

McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Spreadsheet tools for engineers using Excel


Engineering Physics

University science press

Construction management and P.W.D accounts

S.K. Kataria and Sons

Civil estimating and costing

A . K. kataria & sons

Civil engineering project manajement

Elsevier / Butterworth - Heinemann

Estimating for civil engineers

CBS Publisher & Distributors P Ltd

Spare parts inventory management : Al Sarrawi automobile spare parts industry

An-Najah National University

Municipality of Tulkarm project

An- Najah National University

Beir Ziet basic boys school

An - Najah National University

Designs for science literacy

Oxford University Press

Engineering economy and management project

An-Najah National University

Construction project management for fin art college in An-Najah National University

An-Najah National University

BTEC level 2 first engineering


Business skills for engineers and technologists


Construction project management

An-Najah National University

Construction project management

An-Najah National University

Project management of engineering

An-Najah National University
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