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Books about "English language"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Academuc writing course


Challenges:a multi-media project for learners of English students' book


Graded English tests book2


Graded English tests


Rseading in a second language

New bury house publishers

Guided course in English composition

HEINEMANN educational books

Contractions: a pronunciation practice book

Cambridge University Press

guided composition exercises


English in education

University press

Problems and principles in English teaching

Pergamon Press

Workbook of Current English

Scott,Foresman and Company

The Holt guide to English: A contemporary handbook of Rhetoric ,language and literature

Holt, Rinehart and Winston

Communicate l: English for social interaction

Cambridge University Press

Communicate I. english for social interaction:Teacher's Book

Cambridge Uninversity Press

Speak English fluently

Edward Arnold

Two plays for foreign students of English: the royal melford hotel and the new broom

Edward Arnold

Apractical course of English pronunciation: A perceptual approach

Edward Arnold

Mastering modern English: A certificate course


Intensive english for communication

The University of Michigan

The Grammar of English predicate complement construction

The M.L.T. Press

The American Language

Alfred a. Knopf

The present simple and present Continuous tenses


English phrasal verbs in Arabic

Hodder and Stoughton

Written excercises:English as a second language

Holt, Rinehart

Ideas in motion:Essays for Rhetoric

Holt, Rinehart
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