Book TitlePublisherAuthorsSubjects
English verse 1701-1750The University Press
Coleridg: The Ancient mariner and other poemsMacmillan Press
A choice of Cowper's VerseFaber and Faber
A choice of Blake's verseFaber and Faber
The English Romantic poets: A review of research and criticismThe Modern Language Association of america
The portable Mathew Arnoldpenguin books
Poetry 1900to 1975Longman
Romanticism and religion: the tradition of Coleridge and Wordsworth in the Victorian churchThe University Press
The use of poetry and the use of criticismFaber and Faber
Shakespeare, the sonnets : a casebookMacmillan
George Herbert and the Seventeenth Century Religious PoetsNorton & Company, Incorporated, W. W.
Byron's poetry : Authoritative texts Letters and Journal Criticism Imagess of ByronW.W. Norton
The Whitsun Weddings:PoamsFaber and Faber
In ParenthesisFaber and Faber
The Waste landFaber and Faber
Selected poems: in five setsFaber and Faber
Some time after and other poemsFaber and Faber
Selected PoemsFaber and Faber Limited
Crow: From the life and songs of the crowFaber and Faber
NorthFaber and Faber
A local habitationFaber and Faber
PositivesFaber and Faber
The Strange museumFaber and Faber
ABC of readingFaber and Faber