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Erope and the Czechs

penguin books

The Rape Of Europe

George Allen & Unwin Ltd.

An historical geography of Western Europe before 1800-1500

Cambridge Uninversity Press

Western Europe Since 1945: A short political history


An historical geography of Western Europe 450B.C-A.D. 1330

Cambridge Uninversity Press

Napoleon's Satellite Kingdoms

Macmillan Press

Main currents of Western thought : readings in Western European intellectual history from the Middle

Yale University Press

Preconditions of revolution in early modern Europe

John Hopkins University Press

Artsisans and Sans-Culottes

Edward Arnold

A broken World-1919-1939

Harper and Row

History of Europe since 1815

Barners & Nobel

Reaction and revolution 1814-1832

Harper and Row

Revolutionary Europe 1783-1815

Harper and Row

Europe between revolutions 1815-188

Harper and Row

The pirene Thesis

D.C. Health and Company

A decade of revolution 1789-1799

Harper and Row

Nineteenth century thought: The discovery of change


The triumph of science and reason 1660-1685

Harper and Row

Europe tomorrow: Sixteen Europeans look ahead


Wester civilization to 1500

Harper and Row


Collier Books

The concert of Europe

harper & row

Histoire 2re


International insurance contract law in the EC

Kluwer Law and Taxation Publishers

The European Choice: A guide to opportunities for higher education in Europe

Department for Education and Employment
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