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Books about "Finance"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Financial Adminstration Theory and application

Copley Publishing group

Intermediate Financial Management

The Drydon press

Study guide for essentials of managerial finance and managerial finance

The Dryden Press

Options For Managing ANd Financing Rural Transport Infrastructure

World In Progress

Choices in Financing Health Care And Old Age Security

The World Bank

Trends In Venture Capital Finance In Developing Countries

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

PECDAR: Activity Report 1996


Capital Investment and Financial Decision

Prentice - Hall International

Cases in Finance


Dictionaire Pratique: Francis-Arabe:Droit, commerce, Finances

Establishment Al-Maaref

World Bank Group Assistance for Minerals Sector Development & Reform in Member Countries

World Bank

Global Development Finance: Analysis and Summary Tables

The World Bank

Global Development Finance: Country

International Bank

The Effects of Hyper-Inflation on Accounting Ratios

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

On the Road to EU Accession

The World Bank

Case Studies in Finance


Managing financial institutions: an asset/liability approach

The Dryden Press

Fundamentals of Financial Management

Prentice-Hall, Inc.

Fundamentals of financial management : Study guide

The Dryden Press

Dealing With Public Risk in Private information

The World Bank

Essentials of corporate finance


Corporate Finance

Mc Graw Hill education

Global leaders in Islamic finance : industry milestones and reflections

John Wiley & Sons

Essentials of managerial finance

Dryden Press

International finance : the markets and financial management of multinational business

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