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Books about "Food supply"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Soil, not oil : climate change, peak oil and food insecurity

Zed Books

Mankind at the turning point : the second report to the Club of Rome

E. P. Dutton and Co.

Socio-Economic and food security atlas in the occupied palestinian territory february, 2010

World Food Programme

The children are dying : the impact of sanctions on Iraq

World View Forum

Food security and irrigation

Discovery Publishing House

Agricultural and food policy

Pearson/Prentice Hall

Farming and food


To feed this world:the challenge and the strategy

The Johns Hopkins University Press

Will there be enough food?: the 1981 yearbook of agriculture

United states department of Agriculture

Policy alternatives for a new international economic order : an economic analysis

Overseas Development Council [by] Praeger Publishers

The Geometry of hunger

Harper & Row, Publishers

Famine-1975| America's Decision:whow Will Survive?

Little ,Brown and Company

The Food in your Future:Steps to Abundance

Van Nostrand Reinhold Company

National Farm Data Handbook occupied Territories

United Nations

The impact of the Structural Adjustment Programme on food Production

United Nations

At China's table

The World Bank

The white manُs dilemma

George Allen and Unwin

Dimensions of world food problems

The Lowa University Press

By bread alone

Praeger Publishers

Food Nutrition And Health

Avi publishing company

Food First

Verlage j.h.w dietz Nachfolger

Full House

Earthscan Publication

Agricultural and Food Policy

Prentice Hall
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