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Books about "Foreign relations"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Olive Trees In Storm

American Friends Of The Middle East

My talks with Arab leaders

Keter Books

Defense Of The Middle East: Problems of American Policy

Harper & Brothers

The game of natiom:The Amorality of power politics.

Weidenfeld and Nicolson

THE POSTMODERN PRESIDENT: The White House Meets the World

Chatham House

Israel and the Arab States

Franklin Watts


PASSIA, Palestinian academic society for the study of international affairs

The Cold War Is Over

Times Books

The Israel lobby and U.S. foreign policy

Straus and Giroux

World Politics 10/11


The crisis of Zionism

Times Books/Henry Holt and Co

Second chance : three presidents and the crisis of American superpower

Basic Books

When God made hell : the British invasion of Mesopotamia and the creation of Iraq, 1914-1921

Faber and Faber

Turkish foreign policy since 1774


The strong horse : power, politics and the clash of Arab civilizations


US policy toward Jerusalem and the occupied arab territories 1948 and 1967

PASSIA, Palestinian academic society for the study of international affairs

Die Millennium-Entwicklungsziele entwicklungspolitischer konigsweg oder ein irrweg


Outlines & highlights for : American foriegn policy since world war 2

Academic Internet Publishers

The Cambridge history of American foreign relations

Cambridge University Press

Commodore Perry in the land of the Shogun

Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books

The broken sword of justice; America, Israel and the Palestine tragedy

Quartet Books Ltd.

The year of Armageddon : the Pope and the bomb


German foreign policy towards the Gulf Region

The Emirates Center For Strategic Studies and Research

The secret conversations of Henry Kissinger : step-by-step diplomacy in the Middle-East

New York Times Book Co.

The untold history of Israel

Random House
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