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Books about "Free trade"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Globalization, international trade and world welfare

Icfai Books, The Icfai University Press

The choice : a fable of free trade and protectionism

Pearson Prentice Hall

Arab perceptions of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Trade preference erosion : measurement and policy response

World Bank

The Lexus and the olive tree

Anchor Books

Free trade areas in the arab region where do we go from here

United Nations

Making trade work for jops: International evidence and lessons for MENA

The World Bank

Lessons from NAFTA for Latin America and the Caribbean

World Bank

Gainers and losers from trade reform in Morocco

World Bank, Development Research Group, Poverty Team

Current world trade agenda : issues and implications for the MENA region

World Bank

Making trade work for jobs : international evidence and lessons for MENA

World Bank

Moving people to deliver services

World Bank

regional intergrtion and development

The World Bank

Proceedings of the third agricultural and food policy systems information workshop: harmonization/co

University of Manitoba

Trade policy reform in developing countries since 1985: a review of the evidence

The World Bank

Multinational in North America

The University of Calgary Press

North America without borders

University of Calgary Press

The rise of free trade imperialism

Cambridge University Press
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