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Books about "Generative grammar"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Psychological reality in phonology:A theoretical study

Cambrige University Press

Generative Grammar and Linguistic Competence

George Allen and Unwin

Syntactic theory

Holt, Rinehart and Winston


Academic Press

Generative phonology and French phonology

Cambridge Uninversity Press

Syntactic theory


Semantic syntax

Oxford University Press

Introduction to generative transformational syntax


Knowledge of meaning : an introduction to semantic theory

MIT Press

Syntax : a generative introduction


The language of word meaning

Cambridge University Press

Transformational grammar : a first course

Cambridge University Press

Syntactic theory and the structure of English : a minimalist approach

Cambridge University Press

Syntax : a generative introduction

Blackwell Publishers

Syntactic argumentation and the structure of english

University of California

Generative phonology


Lectures on Contemporary syntactic theories


A Transformational Sysntax

The Ronald Press

Grammatical Theory: Its Limits and its Possibilities

The University of Chicago Press


The Mit press

Syntactic Argumentation

Gerogetown univertity press

Studies on Semantics in Generative Grammar



Academic Press

Generative Phonology Description and tehory

Academic Pres

Essays on Form and Interpretation

North -holland
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