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Books about "Globalization"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Engendering human security : feminist perspectives

Zed Books

Women resist globalization : mobilizing for livelihood and rights

Zed Books

Stress management after globalization

Random Exports

Biomass to biofuels : strategies for global industries


Introduction to economic geography : globalization, uneven development and place

Pearson Education

Adjusting to globalization


The contemporary global economy : a history since 1980


Dimensions of global diversity


Globalization, philanthropy, and civil society : toward a new political culture in the twenty-first century


The choice : global domination or global leadership

Basic Books

Globalization, ethics, and Islam : the case of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Ashgate Pub.

Globalization and regionalization : new trends in world politics

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Implication of WTO membership for the global economy

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Human security : the role of the private sector in promoting the security of individuals

The Emirates Center For Strategic Studies and Research

Red sky at morning : America and the crisis of the global environment

Yale University Press

Globalization in the in the 21st century : How interconnected is the world?

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Globalization and translation

Vdm verlag dr. muller

Annual review of developments in globalization and regional integration in the coun

United Nations-ESCWA

Responding to Globalization: Skill Formation and Unemployment Reduction Policie

United Nations Economic

Globalization for development : trade, finance, aid, migration, and policy

World Bank

Unternehmer, Markt und Gesellschaft

P. Haupt

Global political economy

Oxford University Press

The globalization of world politics : an introduction to international relations

Oxford University Press

Aging, globalization, and inequality : the new critical gerontology

Baywood Pub

Atlas of global development : [a visual guide to the world's greatest challenges].

World Bank
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