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Books about "Grammar,Comparative and general"

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Cambridge Uninversity Press

Morphology: the descriptive analysis of words

The University of Michigan

Speech sounds and features

The MIT Press

Argument for A no-transformational grammar

University of Chicago Press

Syntactic theory

Holt, Rinehart and Winston


Academic Press

Generative phonology and French phonology

Cambridge Uninversity Press

Understanding syntax

Hodder Arnold

Syntax : a generative introduction


The art of syntax : rhythm of thought, rhythm of song

Graywolf Press

What is morphology?


Modern syntax : a coursebook

Cambridge University Press

Analysing English sentences : a minimalist approach

Cambridge University Press

Pragmatics and grammar

Cambridge University Press

Relativization in modern English literature implications of teaching grammar in EFL context

Faculty of Graduate Studies - Hebron University

Semantics in acquisition


Syntax and semantics of prepositions


Language typology and syntactic description

Cambridge University Press

Markedness and economy in a derivational model of phonology

Mouton de Gruyter

Analogy, levelling, markedness : principles of change in phonology

M. de Gruyter

The typology of parts of speech systems : the markedness of adjectives


English phonetics and phonology : a practical course

Cambridge University Press

An introduction to phonetics and phonology


Exploring language structure : a student's guide

Cambridge University Press

Minimalist syntax : the essential readings

Blackwell Pub
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