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Books about "Graphic methods"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Quadratic Equations & Curves

The Benjamin , Cummings Pub.

The theory of graphs and its applications

John Wiley and Sons

Microsoft office PowerPoint 2003 : a professional approach: comprehensive


Algebra Graph theory and their applications


Beyond bullet points : using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007

Microsoft Press

Review of intermediate algebra to accompany college algebra agraphing approac

The McGraw-hill

College algebra : graphs and models

McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Student success organizer trigonometry A graphing approach

Houghton Mifflin Co.

Trigonometry : a graphing approach

houghton Mifflin

Algebra and trigonometry : a graphing approach

houghton Mifflin

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003

McGraw-Hill Technology Education

Engineering design communication and modeling usingUnigraphics NX

Thomson Delmar Learning

College algebra & trigonometry : a graphing approach

Addison-Wesley Publishing Company

Function And Graphs A Precalculus Course


Using Graphs and tables

John Wiley and Sons
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