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Books about "History"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Karim Khan Zand,A History of Iran,1747-1779

The University of Chicago Press

The Labour Movement in Israel

Rubin Mass

An Outline of American history

United States Information Agency

The Battle Of Beirut:Why Israel Invaded Lebanon

Zed Press

The Arab awakening:The story of the Arab national movement

G.P.Putnam`s Sons

Negotiating for peace in the ├╝middle east

Groom Helm

The Muslim of British India

University Press of cambridge

Germany in the eighteenth century: The social background of the literary revival

University Press of cambridge

Cross roads to civil war : Lebanon 1958-1976

Ithaca Press

The shorter science and civilisation in china

Cambridge Uninversity Press

Language in the U.S.A.

Cambridge Uninversity Press

A short history of England

University Press of cambridge

The Abbasid revolution

University Press of cambridge

Taking root:Israel settlement in the west Bank,the Golan and Gaza Sinai,1967-1980

Research Studies Press Ltd.

History of Islamic peoples

Routhledge & Kegan Paul Ltd.

A Short history of linguistics


Samuel Johnson and poetic style

The University of Chicago Press

The Suez affair

penguin books

In search of identity


A History of the Maghrib

The University Press

A mediterranean society: The Jewish communities of the Arab World as portrayed in the documents of..

The University of California

The Arabs

penguin books

The Arabs:Their history,aims&challange to the Industrialized world

Sphere Books

A short history of Arab peoples

Quarted Books

My talks with Arab leaders

Keter Books
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