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Books about "Horses"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

The black stallion returns

Random House

The black stallion and Satan

Random House

Turner and McIlwraith's techniques in large animal surgery

John Wiley & Sons

The Black Stallion

A Yearling Book

The colours and markings of horses

Farming Press

Cardiology of the horse


Equine breeding managment and artificial insemintion


Equine respiratory medicne and surgery


Black beauty

Skylark Books

Equine neonatal medicine Acase-based approach

Saunders Elsevier

Clinical radiology of the horse

Blackwell science

Horse conformation : structure, soundness, and performance

Lyons Press

The growing horse: nutrition and prevention of growth disorders

Wageningen Academic Publishers

Applied equine nutrition: equine nutrition conference (ENUCO) 2005

Wageningen Academic Publishers

Equine sports medicine and surgery : basic and clinical sciences of the equine athlete


Clinical anatomy of the horse

Elsevier Mosby

Equine internal medicine

W.B. Saunders

Equine neonatology : medicine and surgery


Equine clinical pharmacology


Equine dentistry

Elsevier Saunders

Farm animal surgery


Broodmare reproduction for the equine practitioner

Teton NewMedia

Practical equine dermatology

Blackwell science

Atlas of diagnostic radiology of the horse: diseases of the front and hind limbs


The Usborne Dictionary of Horses and Ponies

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